You might not think too much about your living room coffee table. After all, it might be useful but it’s rarely eye-catching enough to get your attention. However, we’re here to change all that. With this six great ideas, you’ll find your coffee table takes pride of place in your home!

1. Maintaining The Balance

When you’re designing a display for your coffee table, one key factor to keep in mind is balance. Symmetry is important when it comes to achieving this equilibrium. Choose one object to be your focal point then surround it on both sides with smaller items, all of which have a similar size, tone and weight to balance each other properly.

2. Make A Grid

Another smart trick to use if you have an oversized coffee table is to turn it into a grid by taping off sections. This helps to compartmentalise the large surface area then you can put your chosen items in the squares.

3. Choose A Single Statement Piece

The classic floral bouquet may be traditional, but if you’d prefer to choose something a little more unusual there is still room for a single statement piece that will really make your coffee table stand out. A sculpture or unique vase will add character to the room while also showing your own unique taste and personality.

4. Pick A 2-Tier Table

A double tiered coffee table can be very useful, especially if you could benefit from a little extra storage space, but it does mean you need to take the right approach to decorating each shelf. The lower tier should have a simpler display when compared with the top display, but don’t make the styles too contrasting. You’ll probably find that small items like decorative boxes or books work well on your table’s lower tier while large decorative pieces should go on top.

5. Use A Table Runner

You might think that a table runner is only for your dining table, it’s time to think again. A table runner looks equally stylish on your coffee table and allows you to play with colour and pattern in your living area.

6. Add A Tray

It might be an old and simple trick, but it’s certainly an effective one. Adding a tray to the surface of your coffee table is something that even professional home stylists use. You can make evenly seemingly unrelated items work together as a display when they’re enclosed on a tray. This helps you to ensure that your decorative choices work together even when you’re uncertain about their composition.

As you can see, even the most simple piece of furniture such as your coffee table can be an eye-catching feature of your home. Just try one of these six decorative ideas and you’ll find that your living room looks better than you ever imagined.