If you’re working from home, it’s important to set up a home office that not only allows you to be comfortable but also enables you to fulfil all your essential professional commitments. Whether you’re working at a computer, calling clients or meeting with them in person, a personalised workstation is important to maximise your productivity without compromising on comfort. Finding the right balance between professionalism and home comforts can be a challenge, so here are the five key items you should definitely invest in when furnishing your home office.

A Desk

The first thing you’ll need for your home office is a desk. Ensure you choose one that is large enough to accommodate all your needs. If you only need space for a small laptop, you can chosen a narrow or compact option. However, if you need plenty of room for files and paperwork as well, a larger model with drawers will probably be a better choice.

A Chair

Your desk won’t be complete if you don’t choose the right office chair to go with it. Everyone has their own preferences, so it makes sense to try them out before you buy. You should look for a chair that is ergonomically designed to support the body to guard against the health issues that can arise from poor posture during your workday.


Choosing the right lighting for your home office is key to ensuring you can get your work done without eye strain or headaches. If you don’t have an adequate light source in your room, you’ll struggle to stay efficient and productive. Adding several layers of light is the best way to ensure that you can see clearly no matter what you’re working on. As well as a desk lamp and pendant from the ceiling, you might want to consider adding some cabinet lighting for a stylish yet professional look.

A Bookcase

An attractive bookcase will add aesthetic appeal to your home office and will also add some extra vital storage, especially if you regularly use reference books in the course of your job. A bookcase will also keep your books organised and safe as well as beautifully presented to create the right impression for any clients that visit.

A Sideboard

The fifth and final key piece to add to your home office is a spacious sideboard. This will give you plenty of room to store important documents and files while adding more aesthetic charm than a standard filing cabinet.

Shopping For Your Office

This checklist will help you to achieve the attractive and organised home office that you need. When you invest in these five pieces of essential office furniture, you’ll not only be able to be more efficient and productive but you’ll also enjoy the benefits of a stylishly decorated home.